Survey Saturday: Your dog’s Halloween plans

Earlier this week, we posted some suggestions for dog costumes to help you get ready for Halloween.  Will your dog go with you when you trick-or-treat?

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Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Survey Saturday: Your dog’s Halloween plans”

  1. Eileen – I stumbled across this site for Leerburg kennels when I was looking for something else. (The guy who runs this site is the same guy that took pictures of the awful barracks at Ft. Bragg that his son returned to after serving in Afghanistan. It made a big splash on YouTube, then was picked up by the networks.)

    But I digress. Anyways, I’m not sure I agree with all of this guy’s training tips, but he talks about establishing a pack order in your home, showing your dog that you are the alpha dog. His point is that if you do not establish this, some dogs will be aggressive to try to prove that they are the alpha.

    Don’t know if this will help, but I feel badly that I don’t have a better answer!

    Here is the site:

  2. Eileen – I am hoping that some of our blog readers will respond to you because I’m afraid I don’t have a very good suggestion. We had a similar problem at our house and eventually had to get rid of the younger dog. I urge you to keep a close eye on your Yorkie, as what finally forced us to get rid of the dog was that she began biting my children as well.

    Before you make a decision, you may want to have the Yorkie tested for any diseases that may be making her crabby. In our case, the dog had both diabetes and epilepsy. She just felt so bad most of the time that she had no patience for the other dogs or for the kids.

    Sorry I wasn’t more help!

    Beth Philley
    (The Dog Lady)

  3. HELP!!! our 5 year old Yorkie keeps attacking our 11 yr. old Maltese. We have tried many,many things to stop this (:IE separate them in differeant rooms but they both want to be with us so the lonely one barks.) We have done ALL the tricks like spray water at the Yorkie when he attacks,Nothing works. The Yorkie gets this teeth into the Maltese back and digs in so hard our Maltese has had to be hospitalized 3 times for wound care! Otherwise we all LOVE our maltese, especially our 2 daughters, help! Thanks.

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