Tuesday Top Ten: Halloween Costumes For Your Dog, 2015

I know it’s getting really close to the big day, but I can’t close out October without showing you some of the really cute costumes available for your dog this Halloween. With rush shipping, you may be able to still get these in time for Trick-or-Treat. For each costume, I’ve given you a link to the website with the lowest price I found, and the name of the costume. There will undoubtedly be price differences for different sizes.

When you get to the vendor’s site, type in the name I’ve indicated plus the words “pet costume” and you should go right to it. (Or spend some time browsing all of their costumes – some of them are just too cute!)

BuyCostumes.com $9.99 “Despicable Me”
EntirelyPets.com $7.99 “Animal Planet’s Butterfly”
EntirelyPets.com $9.99 “Animal Planet’s Bat Dog”
EntirelyPets.com $11.39 “Animal Planet’s Lion”
Wag.com $16.79 “Rubies Captain America”
CostumeDiscounters.com $12.78 “Star Wars Yoda”
Jet.com $14.23 “Star Wars Jedi Robe”
Bonanza.com $16.48 “California Costume King of Bones”
This one is on e-bay from a seller named RhinoUSA – I’m not sure how many of them he has, so it may be gone by the time you look. The price is $12.58 from this retailer, but I would imagine you can get it at other retailers as well. The name is “Animal Planet’s Zebra”.
3tailer.com $24.08 “Animal Planet’s Peacock”

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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