Visit Your Dog’s Ancestral Home is running a travel story about where you can go to catch up on your dog’s ancestry.  The article provides tips on going to Boston to check out the Boston Terrier, Rollinsford, NH for the Cocker Spaniel, and the Mediterranean coast of France for the Bichon Frise (sign me up!!).


Other places you can go include Tomich, Scotland for the Golden Retreiver, Northern England for the Yorkie, Germany for the dachshund, and Japan for the Shiba Inu (as well as the Akita and several other breeds).


I had never given much thought to my dogs’ ancestral homes, but I do like to travel, so I’ll take any excuse for a trip!  Let’s see, I have a Vizsla from Hungary, a Beagle from  Greece, a Golden from Scotland, and a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix which would take me to Germany.  Anybody want to come along?


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4 thoughts on “Visit Your Dog’s Ancestral Home”

  1. I was looking for the Breed of Basset and nothing is listed.
    I have a Basset (Monty) and just wanted more information on this breed. He is my second one.

  2. JoAnn – What I did was to look up the breed on Usually, somewhere in the breed guide is a reference to the dog’s origins. Thanks for writing!

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