Tuesday Top Ten: Breeds Used to Create Designer Dogs

From the Boredom Therapy website:  an adorable  Golden Husky
From the Boredom Therapy website: an adorable Golden Husky
If you’re not familiar, designer dogs are those cross-breeds that are specifically bred – primarily to be cute as a button! As opposed to typical dogs whose ancestral tree hasn’t been purebred in a long time, these dogs made by always crossing the same purebred breed to another (consistent) purebred breed. For example, a Puggle is made by crossing a Pug and a Beagle. You can’t cross a Puggle to a Puggle and expect to get a baby Puggle.

So, I recently stumbled over two separate articles talking about designer dogs, and I combined the information to come up with this list of the breeds most commonly used to create them.

10. The Cocker Spaniel is one of several dogs used to make two different designer dogs. However, because the Cockapoo (Cocker + Poodle) is the most popular of these crossbreeds, I’m using the Cocker Spaniel as my number 10 placeholder. The coker is also used to create the Cocker Pei by crossing it with the Shar Pei.

9. The Beagle is crossed with the Pug to make a Puggle, the German Shepherd to make the German Beagle, and with the Chihuahua to make a Cheagle.

8. The Golden Retriever can make a Golden Husky, a Golden Dachshund, and a Goldendoodle.

7. The Pug participates in the Puggle, the Bullpug (with an English Bulldog) and the Chug – one of my favorite cross-breed names – with the Chihuahua.

6. The Shar Pei can make a Basset Pei, a Cocker Pei, or a German Pei.

5. The Chihuahua makes the Pomchi, the Cheeks (with a Peke), the Chug, and the Cheagle.

4. The Corgi is used to make a Corgipoo, a Schorgi (with a Schnauzer), a Horgi (with a Husky), a Sheporgi (with a German Shepherd), and a Dalcorgi (with a Dalmatian).

3. The Husky can be crossed with a Pit Bull Terrier to make a Pitsky, with a Golden Retriever to make a Golden Husky (pictured above), with a Corgi to make the aforementioned Horgi, with a Pom to make a Pomsky, and with a Chow to make a Chusky.

2. German Shepherds participate in German Chows, Bulldog Shepherds, German Peis, German Beagles, and the Sheporgi.

1. By far the most widely used dog in cross-breeding, Poodles are used in 9 different crosses: Corgipoo, Schnoodle, Yorkipoo, Cockapoo, Maltipoo, Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, and – best name for a dog breed ever – the Shihtz Poo!

You can see all the pictures on Boredom Therapy and on the I Love Dogs Site.

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