3-D Printer Gives Dog New Paws

I have read other articles about 3-D printing, and this new technology absolutely blows me away! First, you have to throw out everything you think you know about printing…such as that it involves only paper and printing.

In this case, as in others I’ve seen, the printer spits out thin layers of plastic in a shape that is three-dimensional. They use these special printers to make prosthetics that can grow with the patient (useful for children) and can be easily and cheaply re-made if broken. The process eliminates the long wait between molding a patient’s limb and manually sculpting prosthetics, then doing the whole process over again if something doesn’t fit right.

If there’s a problem with these prosthetics, you simply update the computer drawing to more precise specifications, then re-print. It just blows me away.

Thanks to the ” target=”_blank”>Telegraph for highlighting this new technology, which I think may be one of the biggest medical breakthroughs of our time!

It’s truly amazing!

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