3-D Printed Skull

Photo courtesy Michelle Oblak, via CNN
Photo courtesy Michelle Oblak, via CNN
I’m just fascinated by the application of 3-D printing to the medical world. I’ve seen prosthetic hands made for kids who are still growing to avoid the expense of replacing parts as they grow. Now, they’ve made a new skull for a 9-year old Dachshund!

CNN reports “Dr. Michelle Oblak, a veterinary surgical oncologist with the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College, worked with Cornell University small-animal surgeon Galina Hayes to remove the tumor growing on Patches’ skull. They replaced the missing skull piece with a 3D-printed plate, which was made by medical technological company Adeiss.”

Using the new technology, doctors were able to custom-make the plate for this specific dog, rather than using a generic plate that would have to be modified for each patient. Doctors are hoping the technology will be usable in humans, as well.

As for Patches,she is now 6 months cancer free! What a wonderful world we are living in.

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