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My Maggie Dog’s Pathology Report

Just got back the vet’s report on my Maggie’s tumor.  It was, as the vet describes it, “partly bad news and partly good news.”  The bad news is that the tumor was definitely malignant.  The good news is that it appeared to be totally encapsulated and confined to the thyroid.  Even though it looks good now, there is still the possibility that the tumor metastasized before we got it out, so we will need to keep an eye on her, but for now, it looks like she is in the clear.  Thanks so much for all of your good wishes!

Update on my Maggie Dog’s Surgery

We just heard from the vet that he removed half of Maggie’s thyroid, as well as a good-sized tumor.  He says they are almost always cancerous, but we will have to wait for the pathology report (5 – 7 days).  I did a little research, and it doesn’t look all that great.  I’ll follow-up with you after we hear back from the lab.  Going to pick her up now.

Prayers for my dog Maggie

I have a favor to ask of you.  I found a lump under my 8-year old Golden Retriever’s chin last weekend.  The vet took a biopsy yesterday and said it looks suspicious, so she is having surgery tomorrow (4/9/09) to have it removed.  I am so worried she has lymphoma.  We’ve already lost one dog to that, and I’m not sure I can bear to lose another.

Please keep her in your thoughts.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

Canine Cancer

Did you know that cancer kills one in every four dogs over the age of 2?  If you’ve never had to live through watching your beloved animal being eaten up from the inside, let me assure you, you don’t want to.  We finally had to put our fox hound (pictured above) down several years ago after the chemo failed. 

Anyways, Fox 42 in Omaha recently aired a segment about this very topic.  Click here, then do a site search (at the top right) for canine cancer.  The video clip should be the first thing on the list that returns.  The second thing is a link to the Morris Animal Foundation, which is trying to raise $30 million to find a cure for cancer.

Sorry to end the week on a down note.

Good day, and good dog.