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Prayers for K-9 Lemon

Photo courtesy Pasco PD
Photo courtesy Pasco PD
From the Facebook page of the Pasco (Florida) PD: GET WELL SOON, K9 LEMON! We had a medical emergency [last week] involving #K9Lemon. He suffered a stomach-flip, which can strangulate intestines and result in death if not operated on immediately. Fortunately, Officer Josh Madsen (K9 Lemon’s driver) recognized the problem and got him to the vet for emergency surgery. Continue reading Prayers for K-9 Lemon

K-9 Mick Wounded in The Line of Duty

From the Murrieta (CA) Police Department’s Facebook Page:

Early [Sunday] morning, K-9 Mick was deployed to assist officers and deputies in taking a carjacking suspect into custody. During the apprehension, K-9 Mick was shot by the suspect and sustained a gunshot wound to his lower jaw and neck. K-9 Mick was quickly brought to the emergency vet, California Veterinary Specialists, and treated for his injuries which were not life threatening. K-9 Mick has already been released and is currently resting at home with his handler. K-9 Mick is expected to make a full recovery and return to active duty soon.

We are very proud of K-9 Mick’s performance. The fact that no officers or deputies sustained any injuries were in large part because of K-9 Mick’s involvement. Mick and his brothers, Buck, Pak and Duke work hard every day to serve and protect the residents of Murrieta and surrounding cities. We are lucky to have them.

Rest up, K-9 Mick! Your city needs you healthy! Thank you for your sacrifice and for taking such good job of your fellow officers.

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Good day, and good dog!

Eulogy for K-9 Armin

Armin BWA eulogy upon the passing of Canton PD K-9 Armin, written by his best friend and partner.
K-9 Armin (Retired), Canton Police Department. Canton, OH

“Sorry if this gets long but words can’t express! 11 years ago this magnificent creature came into my life and we started our journey together! Over the next 7 plus years on the street I would learn that there’s a bond that can’t be expressed in words! He was the definition of Loyalty! He was smarter than most people and definitely more genuine! He could go from playing with a group of school kids to taking down bad guys and back like flipping a switch! He taught me the meaning of “dogs smell fear” but didn’t know the meaning of the word! He physically saved the lives of several people by finding lost endangered! He saved my ass on several occasions and saved my life one night knocking a gun out of a guys arm as he pulled up on me and had the drop! Continue reading Eulogy for K-9 Armin

K-9 Loki

LokiFrom the Facebook page of the K-9 Defender Fund: “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”..Mark Twain

Meet K9 Loki of the Howe, Texas Police Department, where Sgt. Keith Milks and K9 Loki work hard in their community to keep drugs off the streets! Loki is an 8-10 year old Jack Russell/Fox Terrier mix who was picked up as a stray in Cibolo, Texas. The staff of the local animal services department, recognized a great potential in Loki and made sure he was given the training to become certified in narcotics detection. Sgt. Milks and Loki have been a team since early Dec. of 2017. K9DF is pleased to be providing another amazing K9 with an amazing story, the gift of a Buddy Bag. We hope the bag does nothing more than collect dust while in their possession. Here’s to a long, safe, successful and amazing career together you two!

Who knew a little terrier could be a K-9? Kudos to the city of Howe, on looking outside the box to find a big dog in a small body who they could rescue and rehabilitate to a useful function!

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