Prayers for K-9 Lemon

Photo courtesy Pasco PD
Photo courtesy Pasco PD
From the Facebook page of the Pasco (Florida) PD: GET WELL SOON, K9 LEMON! We had a medical emergency [last week] involving #K9Lemon. He suffered a stomach-flip, which can strangulate intestines and result in death if not operated on immediately. Fortunately, Officer Josh Madsen (K9 Lemon’s driver) recognized the problem and got him to the vet for emergency surgery.

Shout-outs to Doctor Swick and Mid-Columbia Pet Emergency on Sandifur! By Wednesday morning, Lemon walked out under his own power.

Lemon will be recovering at home for awhile. Running and jumping is out. He is under orders to only nibble on bad guys, not bite them, and can only lightly sniff for dope, not actively smell for it. His inability to type means he probably will not be at the office on light-duty. We will keep you posted.

#furmissile! #chicksdigscarspainhealsglorylastsforever #getwellsoonlemon #whenlifegivesyouLemonmakearrests

Hoping Lemon is on the mend and back to duty soon.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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