America’s Top Dog

Photo courtesy A&E
Photo courtesy A&E
Did you catch the premiere of America’s Top Dog last week? If not, be sure to watch this Wednesday, 9 pm on A&E. As noted last week, this show is the Ninja Warrior show of the canine world, pitting regular dogs against police K-9s.

Look for K-9 Simon and his partner Michael Garber when they appear – not sure which episode(s). They are part of the Police K-9 Association that many of you donated to after Jethro, a Canton PD K-9, was killed in the line of duty. They apparently competed last year for the filming, but no one is spilling the beans about how they did.

Simon, a 4-year old Belgian Malinois, and Michael Garber work for the Salem police department, in East Central Ohio. They were recently featured in the Canton Repository.

When Garber was contacted to see if he’d like to appear on the show, he thought the guys were pranking him. To be honest, I know many of the leaders at the Police K-9 Association, and I can definitely see them doing this. But in this case, the invitation turned out to be real, and Garber flew with Simon to the West Coast to compete.

Simon is special because he is social. Most police K-9s are not to be trifled with – they’d just as soon bite you as look at you. However, Simon is a lover, not a fighter. Other than finding dope and taking down bad guys, Simon’s favorite thing is to demand love from everyone. Who’s a good boy???

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