Jethro’s Alleged Killer Indicted, Faces Up To 57 Year Sentence

Jethro, Jan 7 2016.  Photo:  Beth Philley
Jethro, Jan 7 2016. Photo: Beth Philley
The Repository is reporting that Kelontre Barefield, age 22, was indicted this week on charges including “aggravated robbery, two counts of felonious assault, assaulting a police dog, harassing a police dog and breaking and entering.” Several of the counts include firearms specifications, bringing his total potential prison sentence to 57 years.

These charges stem from a January 9th incident when Barefield shot and killed Jethro, a 3-year old German Shepherd K-9 officer with the Canton Police department. Jethro came upon Barefield while the man was allegedly attempting to rob a local grocery store.

County prosecutor John D. Ferrero said. “As far as I’m concerned, we’re going to treat Jethro as a member of the law enforcement team when we go to court.”

The outpouring of sympathy and grief in the Stark County community nearly overwhelmed Jethro’s handler, Officer Ryan Davis, his family, and the Police K-9 Association, headquartered in Canton. The Davis family received over 2,000 cards and letters and over 500 gifts from well-wishers. A new K-9 named Tuko was donated to the Canton PD and is currently in training with Officer Ryan and CPD head trainer Eric Stanbro.

A trial date for Barefield is not yet available.

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