Officer Ryan Davis with Jethro / Photo:  Mike Ritland
Officer Ryan Davis with Jethro / Photo: Mike Ritland

The world seems just a little less bright today. We lost one of the good guys.

I just returned from the ER vet, where everyone is still pretty shell-shocked. When I saw Jethro last night, his breathing was very labored. It was apparent he was fighting as hard as he could. By this morning, he was so tired, he could no longer fight. He fell asleep and stopped breathing. Our prayers go out to Officer Ryan Davis and his family, as well as to the whole Canton PD and Police K-9 Association.

Ryan is in awe of the support he and Jethro have received. The waiting room at the vet is full of officers and their families, all who have come to show their support to the Davis family.

Even though we have surpassed our original goal, we will continue to take memorial donations on GoFundMe. I will be meeting with Canton PD and the Police K-9 Association soon to decide on the most effective way to use your more than generous donations. I’ll keep you posted both here, and on Go Fund Me.

I’ll post funeral arrangements when they become known.

Rest in peace, Jethro. You did a good job. Others will stand the watch from here.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog

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3 thoughts on “#RIPJethro”

  1. I attended his memorial service at the Canton Civic Center. It was a beautiful and fitting ceremony for Jethro who served the city well and willingly. I believe that when these animals are trained and go into service that they understand to some level that what they are doing is dangerous. Jethro obviously met the call with courage and willingness and did his job as well as anyone could expect of him. Rest easy young pup

  2. My condolences and prayers to Officer Ryan Davis.,family.Also to the Canton P.D.
    K-9 officers are so important, vital to the officers.
    Shot the K-9 in the head.
    Shows what Sea of Blue is always.,forever under fire.
    God bless all.
    In my prayers.

  3. So sad to learn of this outcome. My prayers for the family and other officers who are grieving. Jethro, your watch is over. Rest in peace, you were a valiant officer and did your job well to the end.

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