Household Items That Can Harm Your Dog

Group Of Cleaning ProductsMore from the ASPCA’s booklet of 101 Things You Didn’t Know Could Harm Your Pet. You actually probably DO know about most of the things on today’s list, but think of this as a reminder to make sure these items are put up where your dogs (and kids!) can’t get to them.

Common household items that are toxic to your pet include:
Tobacco products: cigarettes, cigars, snuff, dip, chewing tobacco
Laundry products: detergent, fabric softener, bleach
Critter killers: insecticides, flea & tick products (when eaten), rodent bait, mothballs, fly bait
Cleaning products: drain cleaners, oven cleaner sprays, disinfectants, lime scale remover
Miscellaneous: Paint thinner, lead, lighter fluid, liquid potpourri (and I would have to guess solid potpourri isn’t great for them, either!)

On average, it costs over $500 to treat a pet who has ingested a toxin like those above. Serious cases can cost much more. If you suspect your dog has eaten something poisonous, call the Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435. Have your credit card ready when you make the call – this is not a free service, and you won’t want to be searching for your card while your dog is frothing at the mouth or having a seizure.

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