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It’s getting close to Christmas, but our military members, both human and canine will remain on the front lines in Afghanistan and elsewhere through the holidays, protection our freedoms.

If you’re looking for a way to make an impact this holiday season, you might consider donating some items to make deployment a little easier for these heroes.

The United States War Dog Association is coordinating care packages for deployed K-9s and their handlers through their K9 Care program. Among the things our military dogs need are:
K9 Warming Mats (Winter Months)
K9 Boots, Medium & Large (All Year)
K9 Doggles (All Year)
Collapsible Nylon Dog Bowls
Kong 3” Rubber Balls
Large Rope Chews
K9 Shampoo & Conditioner
K9 Grooming Tools-Combs, Brushes, etc.
K9 Nail Clippers
K9 Beds or Sleeping Mats
K9 Blankets (Winter Months)
K9 Toothpaste & Toothbrush
K9 Eye Drops
K9 Ear Wash
K9 Advantix, Flea and Tic Treatment
K9 Salves for paws/noses
Towels to wipe paws
True Chews Chicken Jerky
True Chews Beef Bully Sticks
K9 Treats Made in the USA ONLY

See the whole list, including needs for the handlers.

Three Ways to Help
1st. You can make a general monetary donation, which would allow us to purchase the needed items to include in our care packages for our US Military Working dogs and their Handlers.

2nd. You can make a specific monetary donation, where you specify what items you would like us to include in a care package, which would be sent in your name.

Donate here through PayPal either way.

3rd. You can put your own package together and mail it directly to Military Working Dog Teams who are deployed. To do so you must email us with you personal contact information (Name, Address & Phone Number) for our records only, so we can verify who you are, before giving out our information to you. Send your email to [email protected], then put your package together. When you have your package actually ready to mail, send us another email letting us know you are ready to mail your package. We will at that time send you an email with a name and address of a Military Working Dog Team that is deployed.

You may also include in your package, letters or notes to the Dog Team. Please include your contact information.

The United States War Dogs Association, lead by Ron Aiello, is headquartered in Burlington, NJ with chapters across America. The organization supports military (active and retired), contractor, law enforcement and service dogs. Donations support transportation costs back to the US for retired dogs, adoption after retirement, care packages and needed supplies during active duty, veterinary care/prescriptions during retirement, educational programs, war memorials and much more.

What a great outreach to our deployed K9s and their handlers.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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