Maggie, the Golden Retriever who eats anything

goldenPoor Maggie.  We were out of town Friday & Saturday.  (Proud mom moment:  my oldest son’s softball team won the state championship!  Great picture here of him sliding into 2nd.  )   

But I digress – back to Maggie.  We left her sister’s pills on the kitchen table for the sitter, and Maggie ate not only all of the medication, but also half of the plastic bottle as well.


Just before we got home, she apparently brought back up everything she’d eaten for the past week, so we had a lovely odor to come home to, and she didn’t feel quite up to par all day Sunday. 


She was so funny – she didn’t want her food, but she wanted to make sure no one else got it, either.  I’d let all four of them into the kitchen for their food, and she would just dance around her dish until I picked it up and put it out of reach of the other dogs, then she would go lie down and sleep until time to go out again.


But, she was feeling much better this morning, and gobbled her food like there was no tomorrow, so I guess she’ll live. 


Remember, this is the same dog that cost me $1600 in emergency surgery to have what looked like a paper clip on the X-ray removed from her stomach over a holiday weekend a few years ago.  (Ended up being a kid’s toy piece that had a piece of metal inside so it would stick to a magnet.  Would have eventually passed with no problem…probably.)


I keep waiting for her to learn not to eat things that make her sick, but I think maybe her humans need better training on not leaving things out where she can get them!


Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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8 thoughts on “Maggie, the Golden Retriever who eats anything”

  1. Great job with your son winning the championship! That’s good news! Although I hope that Maggie is feeling a little bit better. Eating pills is definitely not a good thing, for anyone! Have you thought of pet insurance for your dogs? It would come in handy!

  2. I’m happy to hear that Maggie is going to be all right. I can imagine it was
    a frightening time for you. These pets are our babies.

    I have pugs…they love removing the noise maker from their stuffed toys.
    They don’t get away with it for too long before I hear an excessive amount
    of squeeking coming from the inside of their mouths. Luckily they have
    never swalllowed one.

    Maybe we pet owners should all take your advice and make sure dangerous
    items are kept out of harms way.

  3. I am lucky too because Betsy and Norman do not get into stuff. If their dog toys have those big ball eyes they rip off the eyes are play keep away with them. Sometimes they keep those eyes for weeks. Occasionally, Betsy will catch a bird or small critter and will gobble it down…she has been doing that for seven years without getting sick.

    It must be a challenge figuring out what she could get into and keeping it out of her range!

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