A Wake-Up Call from my Dog

Ya’ gotta hand it to my Golden, Maggie.  She knows how to get her way.  I know she wants to be the center of my life, but enough is enough!  For whatever reason, she decided that I needed to be out of bed at 5:30 this morning.  She started by pawing at my face.  OK, so I’m a little behind on clipping her nails, but that hurt!

I rolled over so she couldn’t reach my face again, and a few minutes later, I hear her ripping up a piece of paper.  And not just any piece of paper.  It was my son’s girlfriend’s graduation announcement.  Oops!  I wrestled that away from her and went back to bed.

Next, I heard her ripping up something that sounded like aluminum foil.  I opened one eye to see her opening a pack of sugar-free gum.  I had to get that from her quickly because it has xylitol in it, which is poisonous to dogs.  Went back to bed again.

Then, she got another pack of gum – not sure where she was finding these because I keep them in the tall cupboard in the kitchen.  Maybe one of the kids got them down.  Got that pack away from her and went back to bed.

Next, she delivered the coup de grace.  She knocked a full can of Diet Coke off of my nightstand onto the carpet, splashing me in the face on the way down.

Between her nonsense and Cooper barking incessantly at a squirrel out the window, I’m up already!

How did your morning go?

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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7 thoughts on “A Wake-Up Call from my Dog”

  1. Your anecdote on your Maggie was hilarious! She certainly seems like a determined young lady.

    In contrast, the LA story was rather shocking, but what’s the local SPCA doing about it?

  2. I am so angery, depressed, and livid with a well known food company who gave my dog a near death experience.
    I wish people would contact the dog, cat companies when something happens to their dog, cat, other animals. Rather than just walking off and not making the company be accoutable for their actions. Then, what happens is hundreds of other animal owners go through the same heart ache.

    There needs to be a Website or central, group type Website for people to post their situations with the animals, e.g. food death from a certain food co., near death from a certain food company, death from flea control products.

    My point is a world wide or a cental Website–similar to the one for child pretators.


    MAY 15, 2009, 5/15/09

    CHANNEL 9 NEWS REPORT, MAY 15, 2009 not 4/15/09

  4. We live in the Los Angeles area and on Channel 9 news, Thursday, 4/15/09, news story about the Dog Pound Dogs. The dogs hundreds of dogs murdered (uthized) before their time or some dogs classified a PICKING UP, PETS. Some employees enjoying taking turns a killing pets, dog with hip surgery being dragged, Chihuahua being thrown into the cage like a piece of paper
    We need to group together and make sure all the guys are fired. There are cameras all around and this Hilter type treatment is happening on cameras.

  5. I doggie sat for my friend for 12 days and his dog (bless him) decided the first night I didn’t need to sleep and barking all night was a really good idea. If not barking pawing me or shoving his beloved stuffed monkey into me as he chewed on it, occasionally pinching me with his teeth. The second night was better but we still wanted to get up at 5. After that it was between 6 and 6:30 every morning by barking or pawing, or both. It was a joy. He’s a good dog, though. But for those of us who don’t do mornings it was not a good way to start the day!

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