Tuesday’s Top Ten: Top Dogs

German ShepherdThe AKC has developed a list of the nine breeds that have embodied America’s taste in canine companionship over the past 125 years. (I added the 10th, because of my belief that everyone needs the experience of knowing a Golden Retriever at least once in their lifetime.)

The whys and wherefores are on the Today Show’s Web site , but here’s the basic list.

Golden Retriever

1880’s: English Setters

1890’s: Saint Bernards

1900’s: Collies

1910’s & 1930’s: Boston Terriers

1920’s: German Shepherds

1940’s: & 1980’s: Cocker Spaniels

1950’s: Beagles

1960’s & 1970’s: Poodles

1990’s – 2000’s: Labrador Retrievers

Look for next Saturday’s survey, asking which dog has most impacted your life.

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Good day, and good dog!

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7 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top Ten: Top Dogs”

  1. I have a Lab and a St. Bernard, and they are both great breeds. I couldn’t be happier with them both, they have very different and unique personalities. I totally see why they would be on that list. I would recommend them to anyone. They are a great addition to any family.

  2. oh im excited the faithful labs are in the count down. Ive owned a few in my past time. and I own 2 at the time chase and brandy are my heros

  3. Well,guess I am back in the 1880’s.
    Wanted a dog that not EVERYBODY has (i.e.labs,goldens)(sorry, I do love goldens,it’s just so many people have them). So we are the proud owners of an owner surrendered (a smart owner who couldn’t give her the time she deserved)English Setter. Loved the looks of them, one of the reasons I wanted one-not the best reason but she’s our sweetheart.

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