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Eulogy for K-9 Armin

Armin BWA eulogy upon the passing of Canton PD K-9 Armin, written by his best friend and partner.
K-9 Armin (Retired), Canton Police Department. Canton, OH

“Sorry if this gets long but words can’t express! 11 years ago this magnificent creature came into my life and we started our journey together! Over the next 7 plus years on the street I would learn that there’s a bond that can’t be expressed in words! He was the definition of Loyalty! He was smarter than most people and definitely more genuine! He could go from playing with a group of school kids to taking down bad guys and back like flipping a switch! He taught me the meaning of “dogs smell fear” but didn’t know the meaning of the word! He physically saved the lives of several people by finding lost endangered! He saved my ass on several occasions and saved my life one night knocking a gun out of a guys arm as he pulled up on me and had the drop! Continue reading Eulogy for K-9 Armin