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Calling All Hippies: Woofstock Dog Show

BigStock Photo
BigStock Photo

WHAT: AKC.tv is pleased to present live coverage of the Woofstock Dog Show. This annual event takes place at the Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo, CA this weekend. Entries have topped 2,600 in this 60’s themed dog show, with competitors decked out in their finest hippie apparel. This livestream will feature all seven groups as well as Best in Show. Continue reading Calling All Hippies: Woofstock Dog Show

Low Income Pet Resource Center in Los Angeles

DDRDesmond Tutu has been quoted as saying, “There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in.”

Downtown Dog Rescue in Los Angeles has done just that, opening a Pet Resource Center in a low income area to address the reasons why the poor surrender their dogs to shelters at such a high rate. Continue reading Low Income Pet Resource Center in Los Angeles

K-9 Mick Wounded in The Line of Duty

From the Murrieta (CA) Police Department’s Facebook Page:

Early [Sunday] morning, K-9 Mick was deployed to assist officers and deputies in taking a carjacking suspect into custody. During the apprehension, K-9 Mick was shot by the suspect and sustained a gunshot wound to his lower jaw and neck. K-9 Mick was quickly brought to the emergency vet, California Veterinary Specialists, and treated for his injuries which were not life threatening. K-9 Mick has already been released and is currently resting at home with his handler. K-9 Mick is expected to make a full recovery and return to active duty soon.

We are very proud of K-9 Mick’s performance. The fact that no officers or deputies sustained any injuries were in large part because of K-9 Mick’s involvement. Mick and his brothers, Buck, Pak and Duke work hard every day to serve and protect the residents of Murrieta and surrounding cities. We are lucky to have them.

Rest up, K-9 Mick! Your city needs you healthy! Thank you for your sacrifice and for taking such good job of your fellow officers.

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Community Foster Group for Northern California Wildfire-Affected Animals

CA FiresIf you are in northern California (specifically near the Tubbs fire), please consider fostering displaced animals. And if you have an animal that needs to be fostered due to the fire, you now have a new resource to turn to.

There is a Facebook page dedicated to those animals affected by the Tubbs fire. You can join the group to post lost and found notices, to offer to foster, or to try to place your animal with one of your loving neighbors in the area.

Here’s the link or you can simply search for Community Foster For Tubbs Fire Animals on Facebook.

Our prayers for rain are with all of California.

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Does Your Local Fire Department Have Pet Oxygen Masks?

Bakersfield rescue
Photo: BFD

Bakersfield Now is reporting that PETA will be presenting an award to the Bakersfield Fire Department for their role in the rescue of a dog from a residential fire last week.

The rescue was made possible because the Department carries pet oxygen masks on their fire vehicles. The masks were provided by a local Girl Scout troop who raised money for the donation.

Does your local fire department carry these life-saving masks? Find out, and if not, maybe you could start a GoFundMe account or some other type of fundraiser to provide them.

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Saturday Survey: Ugly Dog Contests


This week, we announced the winner of the 22nd annual Ugly Dog Contest in Del Mar. Although this particular one redeems itself by raising money for local charities, I have mixed feelings about these contests. Overall they look fun, but I have a basic problem with making fun of anyone’s looks. What do you think?

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