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Controversy at 2014 Crufts Show


What do you do if your show dog has flyaway hair? At most dog shows, you would simply use hair spray to keep the fur in place during the show. However, outdated Crufts rules outlaw the use of any artificial enhancers such as hairspray or the chalk some handlers use to make white dogs appear whiter.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, opponents who organised themselves into a group called the “Elnett revolutionaires”, after a brand of hairspray, said that sending a Poodle into competition without hairspray was “like Miss World being made to go on without her make-up.”

Judges had spot-checked dogs to enforce the rules in past years, but have suspended such checks for the 2014 shows. New rules are expected to be implemented before next year’s show, allowing both hairspray and chalk.

Shwew! I was worried there for a minute!

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Scruffts Competition Debuts at Crufts 2014

shutterstock_179536787The RSPCA, Great Britain’s version of the ASPCA, began boycotting the Crufts show in 2009, due to the exclusion from competition of dogs who couldn’t prove their parentage. They made this bold move because of scientific evidence that shows that the in-breeding common in show dog circles can perpetuate inherited health problems. Their statistics show that one in four pure-bred dogs suffers from congenital defects including heart disease, epilepsy, and hyperthyroidism.
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Final Results from 2014 Crufts Conformance Show

Ricky Mav SabrAfter 25,000 dogs went through the show rings at Crufts, the day four final results are in.

Winner of the Gun Dog Group: CH Afterglow Pearl’s a Singer

And the winner of the all important Best in Show? The Poodle: CH AFterglow Maverick Sabre, pictured here, courtesy AFterglow Showdogs.

Congratulations to the folks at AFterglow!

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Results Through Day Three From 2014 Crufts

shutterstock_179684084Here are some of the winners from the big 2014 Crufts show. Over 25,000 dogs will compete before the show is over.

Hound Group: an Irish Wolfhound named CH Just in Time of First Avenue

Pastoral Group: a Samoyed named CH Nikara Diamond Dancer

Terrier Group: a Wire Fox Terrier named CH King Arthur Van Foliny Home (This is the same breed, but not the same dog, that won Westminster.)

Toy Group: a Pomeranian named Unbeaten’s Premiera

Utility Group: a Standard Poodle named Afterglow’s Maverick Sabre

Working Group: a Rottweiler named CH Minaelea’s Black Nambo

Tomorrow, the Gundogs will compete before the winner of the whole event is crowned.

For up-to-the-minute results, check out The Kennel Club’s official score site. For more information about the show, here’s the link to the Crufts Show main site.

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Saturday Survey: Best Major Dog Show

Group judging is now underway at the National Dog Show presented by the Philadelphia Kennel Club, although the show won’t be telecast until Thanksgiving Day at noon. So far, no results are available on-line, but I’ll keep checking. It did set us up for today’s poll, though. Inquiring minds want to know: what’s your favorite major dog show?

What's your favorite major dog show?

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Tuesday Top Ten: Favorites to Watch at 2013 Westminster Dog Show

It’s getting closer! Can you feel the excitement in the air? The 137th annual Westminster Kennel Club All-Breed Show will be here before you know it! The show runs all day on February 11 and 12 in New York City. I keep saying I’m going to make a trip up there to see it one of these years, but 2013 is not going to be the year I make it.
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Maverick: From Rescue to Westminster

I know I posted a story about this during the Westminster show, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned it since the book came out. This beautiful Weimeraner was rescued off of Craig’s List. After lots of TLC, he competed at the 2012 Westminster show last January. Check out Maverick’s Facebook page or buy his inspiring biography on Amazon.

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