Controversy at 2014 Crufts Show


What do you do if your show dog has flyaway hair? At most dog shows, you would simply use hair spray to keep the fur in place during the show. However, outdated Crufts rules outlaw the use of any artificial enhancers such as hairspray or the chalk some handlers use to make white dogs appear whiter.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, opponents who organised themselves into a group called the “Elnett revolutionaires”, after a brand of hairspray, said that sending a Poodle into competition without hairspray was “like Miss World being made to go on without her make-up.”

Judges had spot-checked dogs to enforce the rules in past years, but have suspended such checks for the 2014 shows. New rules are expected to be implemented before next year’s show, allowing both hairspray and chalk.

Shwew! I was worried there for a minute!

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