Update on my Maggie Dog’s Surgery

We just heard from the vet that he removed half of Maggie’s thyroid, as well as a good-sized tumor.  He says they are almost always cancerous, but we will have to wait for the pathology report (5 – 7 days).  I did a little research, and it doesn’t look all that great.  I’ll follow-up with you after we hear back from the lab.  Going to pick her up now.

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7 thoughts on “Update on my Maggie Dog’s Surgery”

  1. 3-Dog & Diane – Thanks so much for your kind words. I’ll feel a lot better when we have the pathology report, but for now, I’m just giving her lots of extra love!

  2. I hope this was just a big scare for Maggie and you, and that you can put this behind you and enjoy many more “golden” moments. I have a four year old Golden called Chester, who is my sweetheart. I know how Goldens are something special. I wish you all the best.

  3. Thanks Zsun! Consider yourself hugged right back! (BTW, I found out that this rare type of tumor strikes primarily in 3 breeds: Goldens, Boxers, and BEAGLES! Make sure you check under your Beagles’ throats often. Maggie had been to the vet 2 days before I found the lump when I was loving on her. He had given her a clean bill of health!)

  4. Please HUG her, and LOVE her, God will do the rest, when you have done YOUR BEST. Lots of kisses ,and a tummy rub, from the Beagle gang in Florida!

  5. Thanks Frank! She’s still pretty groggy, but very glad to be home. Apparently, the tumor looked like it had not invaded the tissues around the thyroid, which is good news. We’ll wait & see what the lab finds.

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