Maggie the Golden Retriever is Down but Not Out

Poor Maggie.  My beautiful 10-year old Golden Retriever just didn’t seem right on Tuesday, so we took her to the vet.  She had a fever of 105.9 (which later topped out at 107F), and she had begun having seizures.  We thought for sure she had brain cancer, but her bloodwork was normal, and a chest X-ray was clear. 

The vet has had her for 2 days now, and can’t really find anything wrong with her.  He offered to refer us to a specialist for a CAT scan, but I think that’s a little extreme for a 10-year old dog, as well as for my budget.  So, we’re taking a wait-and-see approach.

Thought for sure we were going to have to put her down, but the vet tells us we can bring her home this afternoon!  Her fever is down with antibiotics, and he has gotten her seizures under control with phenobarbitol.  This is twice now she’s cheated death – remember this is the dog who had thyroid cancer a couple of years ago.  I’m thinking of re-classifying her as a cat since she apparently has many lives.

Say a prayer for my baby!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog

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9 thoughts on “Maggie the Golden Retriever is Down but Not Out”

  1. I was wondering if you have an update on Maggie’s progress? I’m sure there are many of us who are still praying and would like to know how she is doing?

  2. Goldens are such perfect pets. I am happy for you both and wish you many more moments, days, weeks, months and hopefully years together. I’ve never know a human with more love and total devotion than my Kelly was (15 yrs.).

  3. I too had a golden retriever who at the age of five began having seizures that were controlled with phenobarbitol. Two years later my hound also began having seizures. Both dogs had been diagnosed with a “Trace of Lyme”. Both were given antibiotcs and deemed fine years before their seizures began. I questioned our vet and they said they didn’t believe, there had been no studies, to support a connection. I am still suspicious. Just thought I would toss that in. Am so happy Maggie is feeling better. Best wishes!

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