Miracle Dog Survived Gas Chamber and Found a Forever Home!

Daniel, a Beagle mix dog that cheated death by surviving the gas chamber in an Alabama dog pound, now has a forever home in N.J. with Joe Dwyer.

Also known as the “Miracle Dog”, Daniel was put in a gas chamber to be euthanized with several other animals last month.  Much to the shelter employees’ surprise, he survived the gassing and emerged relatively unscathed.  Photos and more here.



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2 thoughts on “Miracle Dog Survived Gas Chamber and Found a Forever Home!”

  1. In a world full of bad things happening it’s good to hear that somone is beating the odds. Even if they are of the 4 legged variety!

  2. A tough survivor as one can see. Lucky fellow! Let’s hope the other one in a recent story, the malnourished pitbull, on whose behalf concerned people have been petitioning through Facebook, will also overcome his trial.

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