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The Return of Shelter Sunday: Diva / Sanctuary Animal Rescue / Alabaster, AL

Diva / Sanctuary Animal Rescue
Diva / Sanctuary Animal Rescue

Meet Diva! Diva is a 3 year old pit mix. She’s super sweet and loves a good run around the yard playing. She’s a great snuggler and is quiet in the house. Diva doesn’t like to share her family, so she must be an only dog. She requires a fully fenced yard (no pens, no invisible fencing, no apartments). She loves to go on long walks or hikes and is very adventurous. Diva is as loyal as they come. She bonds quickly with her person and showers them with her never ending hugs and kisses.

Please submit a questionnaire for my website if you’re interested in meeting her. We do not do out-of-state adoptions, so you must be in Alabama in order to qualify to adopt.

Diva is available from Sanctuary Animal Rescue in Alabaster, AL. Access their Adoption Questionnaire.

If you live in Alabama, why not contact Sanctuary Animal Rescue to find out more about Diva and her friends?

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Miracle Dog Survived Gas Chamber and Found a Forever Home!

Daniel, a Beagle mix dog that cheated death by surviving the gas chamber in an Alabama dog pound, now has a forever home in N.J. with Joe Dwyer.

Also known as the “Miracle Dog”, Daniel was put in a gas chamber to be euthanized with several other animals last month.  Much to the shelter employees’ surprise, he survived the gassing and emerged relatively unscathed.  Photos and more here.



Spay / Neuter Education

Maybe this is common, but I’ve never seen it before. I ran across a great slogan for spay / neuter education on the PetFinder site for an organization called Second Chance for Animals here in Canton, OH.

You ready for it?  It says:

DON’T LITTER!  Spay or neuter your pets.

Have you ever seen that before?  What a great way to get the concept across. 

Just had to pass that along – I love creativity!

BTW, the picture above is of Roxanne, a Beagle / Dobie mix who is in foster care with Second Chance, waiting for a forever home.

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Flying Chihuahuas????

Photo credit:  projectflyingchihuahuas.com
Photo credit: projectflyingchihuahuas.com

We posted a few weeks ago about the good work Katherine Heigl did in providing funding for a project to transport Chihuahuas from a California shelter to Nahua for adoption.  (See the original post here.)  Chihuahuas have recently surged as a status symbol in southern California, but many of the dogs are ending up in shelters when they don’t meet their owners’ expectations.

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Black Dog Syndrome

Typically in October, shelters begin worrying about the black cats under their care, with many shelters refusing to place black cats up for adoption until after Halloween.  Did you know black dogs are also at risk in shelters?    Check out this article from Helium.com   telling why black dogs are so hard to place.

 If you work in a shelter, the article linked above will give you some ideas to help market your black dogs.  Other resources are  http://startseeingblackdogs.com/ and http://blackpearldogs.com/, which are dedicated to just this issue.

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Help Homeless Pets

bring-pets-home-logI received a couple of e-mails last week with information on a new website that allows visitors to “obtain valuable pet care information, interact with fellow pet lovers in an online community, and shop online to raise money for homeless pets.”  What I like is that you get to choose which shelter your purchases will support, so you can keep your money local.

Although we’d rather you got all of your dog-related information from us, we felt obligated to pass this information on because it does help raise funds for an important cause:  reducing the number of animals left to live out their days in shelters.  Anyways, below is the press release, and I’ve added the site to our blogroll as well.

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