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Help Homeless Pets

bring-pets-home-logI received a couple of e-mails last week with information on a new website that allows visitors to “obtain valuable pet care information, interact with fellow pet lovers in an online community, and shop online to raise money for homeless pets.”  What I like is that you get to choose which shelter your purchases will support, so you can keep your money local.

Although we’d rather you got all of your dog-related information from us, we felt obligated to pass this information on because it does help raise funds for an important cause:  reducing the number of animals left to live out their days in shelters.  Anyways, below is the press release, and I’ve added the site to our blogroll as well.

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Can You Help Tigger Fight Canine Cancer?

Received this information from Kathy DeRay, who is trying to save her dog, Tigger, a second time.  After rescuing Tigger 3 years ago, she is now trying to help him survive liver cancer, but as you can imagine, it is quite expensive.  If you can help her with even a small donation, please visit her fundraising site.

Those of you who are regular readers know I lost my Beagle mix, Molly, to lymphatic cancer many years ago, and more recently lost my Coonhound/Lab Mix, Tracy, to cancer of the jaw.  In both cases, they did not respond to any of the treatments we tried, but it looks like Tigger may have a chance.  Maybe if we can help Kathy raise the funds she needs, she won’t have to go through the heartbreak so many of us have experienced.

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