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bring-pets-home-logI received a couple of e-mails last week with information on a new website that allows visitors to “obtain valuable pet care information, interact with fellow pet lovers in an online community, and shop online to raise money for homeless pets.”  What I like is that you get to choose which shelter your purchases will support, so you can keep your money local.

Although we’d rather you got all of your dog-related information from us, we felt obligated to pass this information on because it does help raise funds for an important cause:  reducing the number of animals left to live out their days in shelters.  Anyways, below is the press release, and I’ve added the site to our blogroll as well.

Help homeless pets by shopping through, a Non-Profit Animal charity supporting animal shelters.

Fundraising Web site allows visitors to obtain valuable pet care information, interact with fellow pet lovers in an online community, and shop online to raise money for homeless pets

Roseland, N.J., June 22, 2009 – Shop ’til you drop in support of animal shelters, then get together with friends to share stories, advice and even pictures – all online. That’s the goal of the newly launched

The fundraising Web site also offers exclusive content for cat and dog owners which includes information on pet care and safety, information on animal shelters, as well blogs, groups and open forums. The site’s primary purpose is to raise money to help shelters care for homeless pets. It serves as an online portal where visitors can access more than 150 major online retailers, like Amazon, Sephora, Wal-Mart, iTunes, and many more.

To raise money, online shoppers register at to select a shelter to support, then click-through to the merchant of choice. Each retailer specifies a percent commission on the Web site and donates that percentage of the purchase to Bring Pets Home. There is no additional cost to the consumer. Every year, six to eight million animals enter U. S. shelters.

According to the ASPCA, as many as one million additional dogs and cats are in danger of losing their homes in 2009, at a time when fewer donations are coming in. All need food, shelter, and medical care, so that they have the chance to be reunited with their original owners or adopted into caring, permanent homes. “Bring Pets Home is a great way for pet lovers to raise money to help homeless animals without ever leaving home-and at no cost to them,” says Linda Block of Bring Pets Home.

“More pets are entering shelters, but donors’ purse strings have tightened. Anyone can help by simply remembering to visit <> to click-through to a favorite online merchant whenever shopping online.”

About Bring Pets Home BRING PETS HOME is a not-for-profit animal charity that raises money to help animals in shelters across the country. 100% of the money raised will go directly to animal shelters to provide food, shelter and medical treatment to pets in need. All operating costs of BRING PETS HOME are covered by Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health. There is no additional cost to theconsumer. To learn more, visit

About Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health is a leader in research and dedicated to the development, production and marketing of innovative, high-quality animal-health products for all major farm and companion animal species.  For more information about Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health visit: <> and <> .

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14 thoughts on “Help Homeless Pets”

  1. Hello,

    Does anyone have Mr. Hoffman’s e-mail or contact info? I have an invention I would like to discuss.


  2. hi, i steel waiting for Mr Haffman’s contact, because i need a help from him. could you please send me an email where i can contact him?


  3. Hi Lauren
    I would also love to receive contact information of Jon Hoffman in regards to an innovative invention. I think this is something simple and easy but I need somebody like Mr. Hoffman to help me. Could you please send me an email where I can contact him?

  4. Did anyone find JONS contact info? I see a lot of INVENTORS would like to ask him about inventing, Maybe offer him 10% of profits, for some LIVE assistance.
    If you google his name + inventor a few sites pop up/ one lists a legal LLC that represents 20 inventors a month, good luck.
    We are [email protected] email a new product to keep homes hot or cold using less energy
    INVESTORS welcome.
    Calif. Thanks Steven
    We love our 2 rescue dogs, they are fun to have around. One drinks a little coffee from starbucks in the cold can, fun

  5. Hello Lauren, I have to admit; you have an in creatable program for sheltering animals, and without a doubt it will continue to have an enormous amount of success within your community. Because of the fact that I have design a software with true interactive capabilities for my broadband network, I to would like to contact John regarding my invention and its capabilities. I tried his website but it was a no go, so I decided to do a search and came across your site. With having shared that, I believe there could be benefit for all parties!! Look forward to hearing from u Lauren!


  6. Really enjoyed your article. Jon is truly an inspiration to all.
    Do you have an email contact for Jon? His website is temoparily
    Thank you for your time

  7. Hello Lauren,
    I am interested in getting in touch with Mr. Hoffman regarding an invention that I believe will not only help animal owners but more importantly will benefit animals.
    Would you be so kind as to assist me on how to reach Mr. Hoffman. Beaux is awesome and I too owned several rescue dogs.

  8. Hello Lauren.

    I would like to know if Jon Hoffman looks at or considers serious money making ideas from other inventors. I would like more information about Beaux and his devoted owner and how to contact them.

    Thank you


  9. Lauren, October 02, 2009

    Hello, my name is Connie Jewell I tried to get a hold of Jon Hoffman on his web page the next big invention by Email in reguards to my U.S. Patent , Pet Dryer (Carrier) . Would like to contact him personally about my product, I believe he would be interested in what I have. I sent him my information about my product by Email on his web page The Next Big Invention , about two weeks ago, and as of yet I have not gotten a response. Maybe you can help me make the connection, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank You, Sincerely

    Connie Jewell

  10. Lauren,

    Hello, I would like to speak or e-mail Jon and discuss his dog and the recent show he was feature on.



  11. Hi Lauren,

    I just saw Jon and Beaux on “How’d You Get So Rich?”. I then got the urge to contact Jon somehow to talk to him about Beaux. You see I have a Malti-poo that looks very much like Beaux does, especially in the tail. Charlie is my pride and joy and has made a very big difference in my life. I would like to talk to Jon about his dog’s personality too see how close it compares with my dog. I would also like to comment to everyone that even though Joan Rivers made a ‘funny’ face when Jon mentioned that Beaux eats ‘people’ food, what most people don’t know is that it is better for them than traditional dog food. They can eat almost everything that you do as long as it is healthy. The only reason that dry dog food was produced in the first place was to make it easier on the owners to pick up the ‘droppings’ on the lawn, as it makes them more ‘solid’. It would be nice to ‘hook up’ with someone who has a pooch like mine. Also, tell Jon that he would be better off getting Ceasar Milan to help with Beaux’s biting problem than the avenue he is currently taking now. Save a lot of money and spend it on his dog toys and treats!! Thanks for your time!!

    Debbie in California

  12. People love to spoil their pets, among them is millionaire Jon Hoffman of Malibu, California. Hoffman made his millions by inventing a bubble pipe with multiple ports, which can be seen on TV Land Prime’s new original series “How’d You Get So Rich?” hosted by gossip diva Joan Rivers. With all the fruits of his labor, Hoffman is able to pamper his best friend, a Maltese named Beaux. Since being rescued from the pound by Hoffman, Beaux has lived a life fit for a king.
    Beaux has his own walk-in closest, full of expensive collars and dog clothes that get sent to the dry cleaners every week. Hoffman also treats Beaux to a movie at the Cineplex twice a week. While at home, a chef (who used to cook for Frank Sinatra) comes to the house and prepares food especially for Beaux at a cost of $500 per day. After enjoying his meal, Beaux is treated to a therapy session. At $300 per hour, an animal communicator therapist comes to the house and communicates with Beaux to get him to stop biting and to calm him down. Not bad for a dog’s life!
    If you are interested in an interview or more information about Beaux and his devoted owner, please feel free to contact me.

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