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Adopt me.Stray dog looking for owner.Animal helpHave you seen the new online community called Here’s why their company thinks this is a good idea:

Because Dogs and Cats Go Directly From One Good Home To Another.

Get Your Pet is an online community that connects people who need to find a new home for their pet with people who want to adopt a pet like theirs.

Home to Home Pet Adoption

The Problem
Animal shelters and pet rescues do wonderful work, but the current, shelter-based system for pet adoption is in crisis, and it needs our help. Get Your Pet is a simple, smart and humane way to keep pets out of shelters, one that also increases shelters’ ability to care for the homeless and abused animals that really need them.

Fact: 7.5 million animals enter shelters each year.
Fact: One third of them, or 2.5 million, are pets people had to give up.
Fact: Shelters euthanize 2.6 million animals each year.

The Solution
Together, we can spare pets the stress, exposure to illness, and potential of being euthanized in shelters. Imagine if everyone who had to give up a pet found a new home for them through Get Your Pet:

2.5 million pets would stay out of shelters. (Shelters are a necessary last resort for abused animals and strays, but, as anyone who works at a shelter will tell you, they are no place for pets.)
Shelters would be able to reallocate the space and money now spent on 2.5 million pets to the remaining strays and abused animals they take in.

Get Your Pet Keeps Pets Out of Shelters

Get Your Pet Benefits:
People who want to adopt have the confidence of knowing that the pets they view online are truly available (not the case on most other pet adoption websites.)
Guardians (current pet owners) can safely message with, and meet, potential adopters, so they can gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing their pet is going to a good home.
Adopters can learn about pets from the guardians who know them best, and meet the pet in a low-stress environment where they are calm.

More Reasons to Go Get Your Pet
Our Adoption Package includes a free examination by a local, participating Get Your Pet veterinarian. Some veterinarians, designated with a ★ on our list, will also provide a free rabies shot, if needed.
Shelters and animal welfare organizations benefit from a portion of the proceeds from Get Your Pet.
If the adoption doesn’t work out, the Adopter can re-list the pet on Get Your Pet at no charge. And adopt a different pet at half-price.
Adopters are eligible for 30 days’ of free pet insurance from Trupanion.
Low fees, for both Guardians and Adopters, generally ½ to 1/3 of what you’d pay at a shelter, and a portion of the proceeds benefits local animal shelters. (See what it costs here.)
It’s simpler. Smarter. More humane. The way pet adoption should be.

Sounds like a good idea, although I haven’t done any checking or vetting. If you’ve used this service, let us know how it went for you.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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