Change a Pet’s Life Day

Save the date! January 24th is Change a Pet’s Life Day, sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition. This one day adopt-a-thon event hopes to unite 3,000 animals with their forever families.

Janet Donlin of Hill’s tells us that “eight million pets a year enter shelters.” And with the economy circling the drain, intake numbers are on the rise while adoption numbers are declining.

To do their part, Hill’s Pet Nutrition is paying the adoption fees for the first 10 dogs adopted at each of the 300 participating shelters. In addition, they are giving away Science Diet pet food and an informational DVD to all families who adopt animals from the participating shelters. Finally, they are providing a toll-free number to answer questions from new pet guardians.

TNT’s The Closer, Kyra Sedgwick, who has adopted a rescue cat and a rescue dog with husband Kevin Bacon, is also helping to promote the event. “I hope people will at least consider the possibility of getting a shelter pet,” she says.

Look for advertisements on your local shelter’s website or CraigsList, and check your local media to see if any shelters in your area are participating in this special day. If not, ask them to contact Hill’s to see about participating in future events.

Learn more here.

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