Tuesday’s Top Ten: Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe

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10 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe, Healthy and Happy

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Our pets are like parts of our family. No matter what’s going on in our lives, they’re always affectionate and happy to see us. Since they can’t tell us what they need, it’s our job to ensure they have long, happy lives by taking the best possible care of them. These ten steps are a great start:

10. Choose nutritious food and measure it carefully to avoid overfeeding.

9. Maintain a consistent exercise schedule. Pet obesity can cause serious health problems and shorten their life spans.

8. Don’t feed your pet “people food” that could make him sick.

7. See your veterinarian regularly for preventive care, including dental work and physical exams. This way you can catch a problem before it turns into something serious.

6. Get all required vaccinations to prevent serious diseases (cat vaccinations are different from dog vaccinations).

5. Engage with your pet for mental stimulation. Play with toys and get outside whenever you can.

4. Keep your home safe. Keep toxic cleaners and cables out of reach, avoid plants that are poisonous to cats, and gate off the stairs if your pet’s still young.

3. Supervise your pet outdoors. He could get loose of your yard, get into pesticides in the garden, or catch something from a stray animal.

2. Watch for signs of illness. Look for changes in appetite, attitude, and energy.

1. Spay and neuter your pet. Spaying removes the ovaries and uterus, and neutering removes the testicles. These procedures eliminate the desire to wander in search of a partner and also prevent certain diseases.

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top Ten: Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe”

  1. I have the perfect book to keep your dog safe. It is called Pet Medical Diary for dogs. Do you know how I can advertise on this site or get a ink placed on this site. It has a lot of great info. My book tracks all medical information for the span of a dogs life. I would love to get any ones opinion on this.
    Michelle Boyle

  2. Some great tips here, thanks!

    Another safety tip if you live out in the country …

    I have an Irish wolfhound. I had to buy him a coat this past autumn as we live out in the country and at 35″ at the withers and about 175lb we were afraid he may be mistaken for a deer by hunters while we were walking in our woods. Believe it or not we had to get a 44″ long pony blanket to fit properly. It is fluorescent green/yellow (like the police wear) and we added lots and lots of fluorecent orange tape to it. He may now be mistaken for a very large traffic cone, but definitely not a deer!

    (you can also get solid fluorescent orange hunting vests mage specifically for smaller dogs, which they can wear even if you are not a hunter, but just to prefer to go for a stroll in the woods, like me. And hey, don’t forget to wear orange yourself!)

    Anyway he looks very cute in it!

    If you have an interest in reading about Harley, please check out the following:




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