Top Ten Tuesday: Dog Safety and Wellness Tips (3)

October is National Pet Safety and Wellness month, so we’ve dedicated our top ten lists this month to making sure your dog is safe and well.  This week’s list focuses on Halloween.

10.  Remember that chocolate is poisonous for your dog.  Keep all candy put away securely where your dog cannot reach it.

9.  Xylitol, an artificial sweetener found in sugar-free candy and gum is also poisonous.

8.  Don’t leave empty candy wrappers lying around.  Your dog will eat them, and the foil and cellophane could cause choking or stomach problems.

7.  If you will hold a party at your home with “gross-out stuff” like a bowl of Jello representing blood and guts, make sure your dog is locked up or outside so he won’t eat all the fun.

6.  Make sure your Jack-O-Lantern is well out of your dog’s reach.  I can just see one of mine sticking their head in the top and getting stuck!

5.  Watch your dog around any candles you have out, and if you use electric candles, make sure the cords are someplace where the dog can’t chew on them.

4.  Your dog might become aggressive if he or she gets scared when costumed people come into the house.  If you’re having a party, lock the dog in a bedroom or in his crate until you know how he will react to Frankenstein and the Flying Nun.

3.  If you have a very small dog loose in the party room, remember that many masks impair vision.  It’s likely the dog will get stepped on, simply because someone in a mask didn’t see him.

2.  Monitor your dog closely when he is outside.  Delinquents have been known to be extra nasty to dogs, especially black ones, in the name of Halloween pranks.

1.  Make a plan for how you will handle Trick-or-Treaters.  If your dog is an escape artist like mine are, you might want to take out the top storm window on your door so you can distribute candy without actually opening the door.  If you can’t do that, put a baby gate across the doorway so that even with the door open, your dog can’t get out.  Make sure your dog has a micro-chip or ID tags, just in case.

Be safe & well!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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