Keep your dog safe on the holiday

dog-flagAs you celebrate America’s independence today, be sure to give some thought to the fact that your dog may not be up for the same sort of celebration as you are.

Remember that many common foods are poisonous to dogs – grapes, onions, chocolate, etc, so lock up your dog before you set out the picnic food.  No matter how much beer you can consume, it is not good for your dog, and not just because it makes him act stupid.  Alcohol can actually poison a dog.  If you must share the drinking experience, buy doggy beer at your local pet supply store.

Don’t let your dog drink from the pool, as the chemicals are dangerous to him.  If your dog is joining you in the pool, make sure to rinse his coat thoroughly when he gets out to keep him from licking the water off of himself.  Also, be sure your dog knows the way to the steps so he can get out when he gets tired.  If it’s his first time in the pool, watch him carefully to check out his swimming ability before you let him swim unattended.  They do make dog life vests, which may be a good idea if you plan on spending a lot of time around water with your dog.

Under NO circumstances should a dog be left in a car!  If you can’t take the dog into the party, leave him at home.  Don’t be one of the hundreds of news stories we see each year about kids/dogs, etc. being left in a hot car to die.

Make sure your dog has an ID tag and/or microchip if you will be traveling for the holidays.  If he gets lost in a strange place, he may never find his way back home!

If your dog is scared of loud noises, leave him inside the house with a radio or TV playing to mask the noise during the fireworks display.

Keep your dog away from fireworks.  He can be seriously burned or injured by getting too close.

Wishing you a safe and happy Fourth!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog.

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  1. We have a similar situation here in the UK with the November the 5th bonfire and fireworks celebration. I would agree with the things that you have said for this UK event as well. In addition it is best not to leave dogs alone in the house with fireworks going off in the neighborhood.

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