Tuesday Top Ten: Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe and Calm During the Fireworks

We all know fireworks are a great deal of fun to watch, but too often, they are terrifying to dogs. In fact, most shelters report that July 5th is their busiest day, as they struggle to deal with all of the dogs who ran away in fright from a fireworks display. So, here’s our top ten list on ways to keep your dog home and safe during those pesky loud boomers.

10. Try a Calming Collar to help your dog relax.
9. Outfit your dog with a Thunder Shirt, also said to help with relaxation.
8. Leave your dog at home when you go to the fireworks show. Yes, your friends would love to see your dog, but it’s not worth the stress your dog will likely experience.
7. Lock your dog in the smallest, quietest room in your home while the fireworks are going on, if you won’t be home.
6. If you can be home during the show, sit close to your dog and whisper sweet encouraging words to him.
5. Turn on a television or radio to help mask the sound of the fireworks.
4. Ask your vet about puppy Valium if you know your dog has had major problems with loud noises in the past.
3. Tire your dog out before the show. Take a long walk or run, play Frisbee, or throw a tennis ball several times to get the dog tired enough to sleep through the fireworks.
2. Refrain from hugging your dog when he is stressing. You may be doing nothing more than providing additional stimulation at a time when your dog needs to calm down.
1. Keep yourself calm. If you are uptight, it will make your dog more uptight.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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