Dog Product Review: Calming Collars

The good folks at Calming Collars sent me one of their patented aromatherapy collars last fall, but I haven’t had an opportunity to try it out until today.

Like most of the country, we’ve had some severe thunderstorms here in Ohio; the first upsetting weather we’ve had since last summer.  Maggie, bless her little heart, is scared to death of thunder, and she began her pacing routine early this morning.

I’ve gotta say, I was skeptical.  I’m not a a big believer in the value of herbs, but I did want to try out the collar.  As you can see from the above picture, taken a few minutes ago, the collar really did calm her down.  She quieted within five minutes of having the collar around her neck.

The calming collars are advertised to help with separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms and other bad weather, fireworks or other loud noises, and in most stressful situations like a trip to the groomer or to the vet.  In addition, the company also sells collars that can be cooled by soaking them in water, then placed around your dog’s neck to get through…dare I say it?…the dog days of summer.  Finally, there’s an anti-motion sickness collar, filled with an herbal blend called Good to Go.

The collars come in a wide variety of fabrics and cost just over $30 for the herbals and $16 for the cooling collar.  Check them out on Facebook.   They’ve made a believer out of me!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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5 thoughts on “Dog Product Review: Calming Collars”

  1. Thanks for posting this.. I have a little dog who is very anxious and licks her feet constantly. A collar such as this was recommended to me but I was too doubtful to try it. Now I know they work. :)

  2. This is good to know,we have a 10 yod E. setter who is very terrified of storms.
    We have used an anxiety wrap that helped somewhat but the last couple of years have given up on that. Now she just finds a somewhat secluded place,something she can lie under and that calms her to some extent.
    But I may try this! It would be worth it not to see her shaking so badly.

  3. Yes, thanks for the write up. We are two-time users: 1) anti-motion sickness for our 4 yr old, and 2) calming for the 7 mth puppy. Both work great!

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