Tuesday Top Ten: Things Your Dog is Thinking on Halloween

shutterstock_189056243It’s almost here! The night of goblins and ghosties! It might seem like a great idea to dress your dog up and take him on the rounds with you when your kids go trick-r-treating or invite him to your house party, but let’s stop for a minute and look at it from your dog’s point of view.

1. What is this scratchy thing that mom tied around my neck? I can’t see very good because it covers my eyes, and it smells funny.

2. Who is that? He smells familiar, but something has grown out of his head that’s really scary.

3. OMG! They’re everywhere! Rugrats running and screaming.

4. This stupid thing around my neck is really making it hard for me to sniff all the fire hydrants. It’s too big. (scratch, scratch) Aaaaaaand perfect, now I’ve knocked it completely over my eyes and mom is too busy to notice!

5. Oooooh! Candy! I want candy! Will someone please give me some candy!

6. Oops! Sorry little girl – didn’t see you there because this stupid thing is covering my eyes. Sorry I knocked you down. But now, I’m going to steal all of your candy that spilled.

7. Doorbell! (running in circles) Again! Doorbell! (several hours later) I’ve never been so dizzy in my entire life. Will someone PLEASE disconnect the doorbell!

8. Party! Lots of drunk people in the house. Think anyone would notice if I got my head stuck in that jack-o-lantern with the pretty flame dancing inside of it?

9. Can I please have some of those pumpkin cookies? They smell really good!

10. Finally! It’s all over for another year. Maybe next year, they’ll just lock me in a bedroom until Halloween is over.

Make sure you keep your dog safe this Halloween. Locking him in a bedroom until the festivities have ended may be the nicest thing you can do for him.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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