Tuesday Top Ten: Halloween Costumes for Dogs, 2014 Edition

With the ultimate costume holiday quickly approaching, I consulted the experts at Party City to come up with my list of top ten dog Halloween costumes.

Costumes Angel
From the classic collection, the angel.
Costumes Devil
Also from the classic collection, for those dogs who don’t fit the angel category.
Costumes Dark Knight
Bat Dog, maybe to go along with your Cat Woman?
Costumes Dorothy
I just wrote the breed guide for the Cairn Terrier, so I had to include Dorothy!
Costumes Fire Chief
The fire chief, for all of our working dogs who run toward danger when the rest of us are running the other way!
Costumes Joker
The Joker!
Costumes Stripper
From the career collection: for the discerning stripper!
Costumes Superman
The man of steel
Costumes TMNT
Slap a red or purple eye mask on this guy and you might have something!
Costumes Hula Skirt
My favorite – the hula skirt!

If you dress up your dog for Halloween, be sure to send us pix!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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