RIP K-9 Joker

The Brimfield K-9 Corps, circa 2014
The Brimfield K-9 Corps, circa 2014
From the Brimfield, Ohio, Police Department: It is with sadness today that we announce the passing of retired Brimfield Police Department K-9 Joker. Joker’s end of watch was July 28, 2019.

Joker was born on July 23, 2006 and served with Captain Christopher Adkins. Joker served our Brimfield community until his retirement on September 21, 2013. Together, they had 374 deployments together, with numerous drug seizures, including some of the largest ones assisting Tallmadge PD. Joker received his first state certification at 6 months old, and maintained both state and national certifications throughout his career.

Joker won the 2008 Bil-Jac Top Dog Award in the category of pursuit. He won that award for tracking a suspect for approximately 2 miles through a wooded area directly to the door of the suspect’s house. In addition, Joker and Capt. Adkins routinely attended community functions and demonstrations where Joker was a local favorite because of his laid back social personality. Attendees loved how he would circle and bark at the “suspect” being escorted by police in demonstrations, as well as watching how easily such a big dog could jump through a car window!

After retirement, Joker lived with Capt. Adkins and his family, where he was an amazing family member, loving pet, and protector of the house.

Rest in peace, Joker. Thank you for your service. Our condolences to Captain Adkins and his family, both true and blue.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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