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RIP K-9 Joker

The Brimfield K-9 Corps, circa 2014
The Brimfield K-9 Corps, circa 2014
From the Brimfield, Ohio, Police Department: It is with sadness today that we announce the passing of retired Brimfield Police Department K-9 Joker. Joker’s end of watch was July 28, 2019.

Joker was born on July 23, 2006 and served with Captain Christopher Adkins. Joker served our Brimfield community until his retirement on September 21, 2013. Together, they had 374 deployments together, with numerous drug seizures, including some of the largest ones assisting Tallmadge PD. Joker received his first state certification at 6 months old, and maintained both state and national certifications throughout his career. Continue reading RIP K-9 Joker

Happy Birthday to a K-9 Legend

JokerFrom the Brimfield PD Facebook page (if you haven’t “liked” it yet, you should!): About eight years ago, our department was very fortunate to welcome K-9 Joker into our ranks. Today is K-9 Joker’s birthday! He is now retired and at home, likely barking at squirrels and joggers.

K-9 Joker served the Brimfield Police Department for seven years, assigned to (now) Captain Adkins. Joker had an awesome nose and excelled at finding drugs, tracking and evidence recovery. He once tracked a drunken driver over pavement, through woods and swamp and directly to the back door of the fella’s house. He is a hoot to be around and had one heck of a work ethic. He was responsible for removing countless drugs from the streets.

He is now enjoying retirement and still lives with his police partner, Captain Adkins. Captain Adkins is not retired, much to his regret when subjected to my daily shenanigans.

Happy Birthday to K-9 Joker. We miss working with you. I truly miss the slobber all over my desk, phone, computer, pants, boots and chairs…..

Although my stash of stuffed animals is much safer now…..Chief Oliver.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!