Take a Shelter Dog Out for a Hike?

shutterstock_187243025The Huffington Post had an interesting article this past week about a new program being offered at some dog shelters throughout the country. Apparently, some shelters will allow you to borrow one of their dogs to go hiking or enjoy other dog-friendly attractions in the area.

It’s great for people who, for one reason or another, can’t adopt a dog, but want their companionship for a few hours. The benefit to the dog is that he or she gets out of the shelter environment for awhile, which can be wonderful for their nerves, and there’s always the possibility you will fall in love with the dog and will find a way to make the adoption possible.

The Kauai Humane Society in Hawaii estimates they place a shelter animal with a person who has “borrowed” them about twice a week.

Red Mountain Resorts in Utah has partnered with their local shelter to provide a companion dog to resort guests upon request. The Pound Puppy Hike program came about 10 years ago, the brainchild of a hiking guide for Red Mountain who was splitting her time between the resort and running the animal shelter.

The Aspen Animal Shelter has a Rent-A-Pet program that allows you to borrow an animal for several hours or even for a weekend. They will help you match a pet to your interests, whether it’s just snuggling in the ski lodge or hiking the mountains. By the way, their program is open to residents as well as vacationers.

Before your next vacation, why not take the time to find out if a shelter or hotel at your destination has such an innovative program. It will definitely provide a bright spot in the shelter dog’s existence, and it might just take some of the sting out of leaving your own dog behind when you travel. (At least for you. Maybe not so much for your dog!)

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