AKC Launches AKC B.A.R.K. Program to Get Kids Excited About Reading

BARKFrom The Dog Lady’s mailbag: The AKC B.A.R.K (Be A Reading Kid) Program is a program designed to get children excited about reading. The goal of the AKC B.A.R.K Program is to provide children with a fun, educationally enriching experience that also allows them to bond with a canine companion.

In this program, children will read to a dog of their choosing and a parent or guardian will assist them in logging their hours on the AKC website. If a child does not own their own dog, their parent/guardian can find a local AKC Canine Ambassador and arrange a visit. Canine Ambassadors are members of AKC clubs and support their club’s public education efforts by visiting schools and youth organizations, often with their own dogs. They promote purpose-bred dogs, responsible dog ownership and safety around dogs. After reaching certain milestones, children will receive incentives for the hours they have read.

Dogs participating in the program will be acknowledged with a certificate for their volunteerism. The AKC B.A.R.K. Program is rewarding for both the children and dogs involved.

“One of AKC Public Education’s most important goals is ever strengthening the human-canine bond and we are excited to see the B.A.R.K Program assist in that,” says Meredith Saraceno, AKC Public Education Manager. “With the help of our valued AKC Canine Ambassadors, we will be able to offer this program nationwide.”

To learn more about the AKC B.A.R.K Program, or sign your child or dog up to participate, please visit the program web page.

Three of my favorite things – kids, books, and dogs. Great combination!

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