Canine Corner

Canine Corner

From The Dog Lady’s mailbag: The American Kennel Club (AKC®) Education Department is proud to introduce The Canine Corner, a free online newsletter packed with content and resources for teachers in grades K-12.

“We are excited to offer even more resources to help teachers engage students in and out of the classroom,” said Ashley Jacot, Director of Education. “We are committed to helping educators teach responsible dog ownership and the importance of the human-canine bond.”

The Canine Corner is a free subscription service that is delivered monthly. Each online newsletter contains lesson plans, read alouds, and many more activities for teachers, such as a science lesson teaching about force and change in mass using AKC Agility, reading comprehension task cards, and creating line graphs using puppy growth data, among others.

Learn more about the AKC Education Department and its mission.

Sounds like this would be a great resource for home-schoolers, as well.

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