Tuesday Top Ten: Excuses for not walking your dog

I was writing an article today for this weekend’s edition of Straight Poop, our free e-mail newsletter.  The article was on teaching your dog to walk nicely on a leash, and it got me to thinking about why I never walk my dogs.   Here are my top ten excuses – what are yours?

10.  It’s too hot.

9.  It’s too cold.

8.  I have no time.

7.  I have too many dogs.

6.  My dogs are too rowdy.

5. My dogs pull too hard on the leash.

4.  One of my dogs is too old.

3.  It’s raining.

2.  I can’t find a leash when I need one.

1.  It’s too much like exercise!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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7 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Ten: Excuses for not walking your dog”

  1. sorry but i don’t have to walk my dog !!he love running on the backyard ,we have huge lots !!! Thank you for another great post.
    I look forward to many more of your post >>

  2. Ian – FYI – my dogs get lots of exercise, I just don’t happen to accompany them, so I’m not sure where you get off judging it as cruelty. I LOVE my dogs, but I don’t personally walk them. Thanks for writing!

  3. I suppose you call yourself a dog lover even though you don’t walk your dogs?

    It’s cruelty. Simple.

    Good day, and good dog!

  4. Sorry to disappoint you…I walk Betsy and Norman everyday…365 days a year. Through snow (we do not get lots of snow), rain, wind, heat…we walk. Sometimes it is just to the neighbors and back…but, we always go for a walk.

  5. Hello!

    My excuses pretty much mirror yours with the additions of “Too windy” and its depressing walking my dog and watching other people jog up a mountain with theirs. What I consider a hike they consider a morning constitutional!

    I was wondering if you have another way to contact you. I couldn’t find a contact form or email.


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