Dog Propelled Scooters

Do you have a hard time giving your dog enough exercise?  Maybe you don’t walk as fast as the dog does or perhaps the dog pulls too hard on the leash for you to control him or her.  Here’s a new one (on me, anyways):  dog-powered scooters and bikes.

The dog is harnessed in, and you simply ride along.  With the dog being in the back, I’m not sure how much you would be running on dog power vs. human power, but it does allow you to move faster than you might otherwise be able to, and it doesn’t allow the dog to pull your arm out of its socket.  It may even be fun enough that your kids will want to get into the act.

Obviously, you will use these contraptions with larger dogs, probably those who are looking for meaningful work to keep them mentally stimulated.  I can’t imagine it would work out well with a small dog or one who has low exercise requirements.

Has anyone ever used one?  What did you think?

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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