Tuesday Top Ten: Dog Breeds for Children

Looking for a dog who will be a great friend to your kids?  Obviously, you want a dog who is patient and tolerant of children who might be a little grabby, but you must also match your potential dog’s temperament to your family’s lifestyle.  Four out of every ten dogs who are taken into families are later dropped off at shelters simply because the dog’s personality doesn’t match the family’s expectations.

No matter what type of dog you choose, make sure to socialize both your dog and your kids.  Dogs need to learn not to lash out at children who are naturally curious about how their tails and paws feel.  And kids need to learn not to bother a dog who is eating and not to pull the dog’s tail.  And parents need to remember that no dog, no matter how trustworthy, should be left alone with a small child under any circumstances.

With that said, here’s my list:

10.  Great Dane – these dogs make wonderful companions, but because of their sheer size, you won’t want one in your home if you have very small children.

9.  Labrador Retriever – these VERY active dogs may be too much for small children, but they are great family dogs, especially after they reach the age of 3 years or so.

8.  Boxer – Again, there are size concerns, but other than that, a dog I would highly recommend to families.

7.  Bloodhound – the only problem I see with these dogs is that your kids might step on those long, floppy ears!

6.  Old English Sheepdog – assuming your kids won’t try to ride this large dog like a pony, the OES is a wonderful addition to any family.

5.  Standard Poodle – unlike the smaller varieties, the standard, or full-sized, poodle is relatively calm and will do well with all ages of children

4.  Collie – although you must make sure you have enough time to groom if you choose the rough coated variety, the Collie is a fabulously loyal and protective family dog

3.  Beagle – this hound dog is small enough to not be intimidating to small children, but sturdy enough to stand up to rough play

2.  Golden Retriever – some grooming required, but you’d be hard pressed to find a better family dog, other than my # 1 choice.

1.  Vizsla – possibly my most favorite breed of all time.  Vizslas are patient, smart, and fun-loving.  The only drawback:  you have to have lots of room for them to run!

Check out our longer article for more information on dogs that are great with children.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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  1. What a helpful list! I’m such a fan of people doing research and picking out the right breed for their family and lifestyle. Such a good idea to list the best breeds for children.

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