Shelter Sunday: Madonna / Citrus County Animal Services / Inverness, FL

Madonna FL

Meet Madonna! What a great name for a dog going into Christmas week.

This beauty is deaf and can do well in a home with both children and other dogs. Here’s what her rescuers have to say about her:

Not many ever achieve the designation of “Rock Star” in play groups but Madonna has! The play group leader says she is social, tolerant, and playful. She has taken on the role of “Greeter/Helper”. She uses a few different play styles in the groups depending upon who she is playing with. She can play Gentle/Dainty, Push/Pull, and Rough/Rowdy. She is a confident player and is good at avoiding conflict and removing herself from pressure. She has excellent social skills and the group leader uses Madonna to help him test other dogs. She’s so sweet and absolutely loves the attention that she gets from volunteers and staff. What a lovely girl!

Madonna is easy to leash up and very eager to please her handlers. She walks very nicely on the leash. She is super friendly to people and likes to cuddle. She is deaf but seems to connect and understand people and other animals. She is an adult age 2-6 years old and weighs 51 pounds.


Madonna is currently a guest of Citrus County Animal Services in Inverness, Florida. If you’re lucky enough to be nearby, why not contact them and ask to meet Madonna and all of her friends. You can find them on Facebook or call (352) 746-8400.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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