Shelter Sunday: Shelter Buddies / Humane Society of Missouri

Want to get a shy child to read? Have them read to a dog. Want to get a shelter dog adopted? Have him stay near the front of his cage. Thus was born a marriage made in heaven, as reported by NBC News.

The Humane Society of Missouri has started an innovative program for kids aged 6 – 15, who volunteer at the shelter, choosing a dog, sitting in front of the cage, and simply reading out loud.

For kids who have trouble reading or are to shy to read out loud to their classmates, this program strengthens their reading skills because dogs, as we know, are non-judgmental.

The benefit to the dogs is that they get used to people coming near their cages, making them much calmer when prospective adopters come to visit. This exponentially increases the odds they will be adopted.

What a great idea!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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