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Canine Lives Matter

What an absolutely horrific story! If you can bear to read the whole thing, you can find it on Raw Story. To say things don’t add up here would be an understatement.

This is serving and protecting?

The chief has since resigned, and I’m thinking it might be a great idea to stick him in a cage and put him out in the middle of the firing range for a while.

Sending our condolences to the Womack family on the loss of their beloved dog, Chase.

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Good day, and good dog!

Shelter Sunday: Haven of the Ozarks / Washburn, MO

Freedom MOCould this baby be any cuter? And with a name like Freedom, I had to pick her for this weekend. Freedom is currently living in Washburn, Missouri, courtesy of Haven of the Ozarks. They don’t have a website, but here is a link to their Facebook page, or you can find them on PetFinder. Here’s what we know about this Beagle mix:
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