Dogs and Peanut Butter

OK, so here’s how my Sunday went.  We were a bit snowed in and had decided to stay home and have some family movie time….

Midway through the first movie, Maggie, my Golden Retriever brought me an empty peanut butter jar.  No big deal – I just threw it away and went on watching the movie.

An hour or so later, she started pacing, so I took her downstairs and let her out for a romp in the snow, but she didn’t stay out long.  When she came in she took a really long drink of water, then came back upstairs.  Next thing I knew, she was heaving up this HUGE pile of watery peanut butter.  Boy, did it stink!

As soon as we got it cleaned up, she did it again…EIGHT times! 

And that was how we found out the carpet scrubber was broken.  So, we ran to WalMart to get a new scrubber, came home and scrubbed the carpet, and sat down to enjoy another movie.

At which time Cooper, my Vizsla, crawled up in my lap and fell asleep.  After awhile, he started licking his back end, and released his anal glands onto my lap!       EEEEEEWWWWWWW!!!

Can I have a do-over on the whole day?

Here’s hoping your weekend was better than mine!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!


P.S.  If you ever get a chance to rent “The Long, Long Trailer” with Lucy & Desi Arnaz, rent it.  It was absolutely hysterical!

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3 thoughts on “Dogs and Peanut Butter”

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  2. I’m sorry, but I’m laughing as I read it.

    Probably just glad I escaped anything so bad for a few days. Eight times has got to be some kind of a record though.

    I know all about those anal glands and you really do have my sympathies.

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