How can your dog protect your child?

port-water-dogWe’d all like to think we’ve got a great watchdog, but not all dogs will really protect your children from an intruder, much less from other dangers.  How about this one from MSNBC? 

A lot of kids are allergic to different foods, and peanuts seem to be a real killer (literally).  My kids have a few minor food allergies, and I know how much of a pain in the fanny that can be, but we’ve never had to deal with life-threatening foods.  In this story, the little girl cannot even go to the grocery store or school because she can quickly die if she is exposed to even a miniscule amount of peanut butter.

I know in some schools, they have outlawed all peanut butter, while other schools have established “no peanut zones” in their lunchrooms. 

The mom in this clip took an innovative approach to dealing with her daughter’s peanut allergy.  The dog is actually trained to sniff out peanuts, preventing her from eating the wrong things.  See the clip here.

Pretty neat!

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