Saturday Survey: Do You Donate to Dog Shelters?

Last week’s survey about adopting from dog shelters drew our biggest response ever, so I had to ask the follow-up question:  Do you donate to dog shelters?  Since so many of you say you adopt, I’m curious as to the payback ratio!

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Good day, and good dog!

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Do You Donate to Dog Shelters?”

  1. Please contact me for beding and blacnets and toys and bowls, i would be happy to dotate them to any local shelter, i own a doggie boutique and I breed shihtzu and i am sure my spoiled rotten shihtzu’s had give up some of there luxuries to other babies with less, call 5168677297 and i will gladly donate whole heartly!
    Ask for Heidi

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